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 We are excited to see our middle schoolers after summer break!  As we kick off a new school year, we ask you to please fill out at least one registration form for your child Fall Registration Form OTB We need at least one registration form for your child. You can register for one class or the whole semester at one time. Class sizes will be a minimum of three and no more than ten kids. If you would like to hear more about our group, please email us at and we will schedule a time for us to connect!Middle school can be a challenging time socially. It can be especially challenging understanding the “hidden” social rules, nonverbal language and all of the “gray” areas that exist. Beginning in September, we will host a middle school hang out for teaching, learning, and practicing all of those gray areas in a fun environment. The group meets from 6:30-8:00 p.m. Each class, of no more than ten, will be a diverse group of students. The mixture of 6th-9th graders will be students who need to strengthen their overall social skills with kids who have strong social skills. We feel it is important to be able to support this age range in more of a natural environment with peers so they can have help in bringing awareness and strengthen self-monitoring skills to “gray” area situations. Each class will have a specific focus and the details will be posted on our Facebook page the week we meet.  Our first session on September 14th will be hosted by Maria Hartemann.  She will teach mindfulness techniques to our middle schoolers to utilize as tools during their day.  The group will also be participating in a mindfulness zentangle exercise. They will get the choose the outline of an animal and fill it in using different zentangle artwork that they will learn. They will be able to take their piece home. The cost for each class is $25.00 and we welcome you to drop your middle schooler off by 6:30 and pick him/her back up at 8:00 p.m.  Upcoming dates are listed below. You may register for one class or all of four.  Registration will remain open unless a class becomes full. Any full classes will be listed on our website. To register, please fill out at least one registration form found in the link above and e-mail it to us at We will send you an invoice through Square to complete your registration. All classes are held at University Ridge Office Center, 1905 JN Pease Place, Suite 201, Charlotte, NC 28262. All classes meet from 6:30-8:00. Upcoming Dates:September 14th October 12thNovember 9thDecember 14thWe look forward to seeing you!With Appreciation,Wendy and ChristinaImage